by Jip Jop

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(free) 04:19


released August 28, 2010

Ben "Benny Nice" Gershman - Lead Vocals
Davis Jones - Saxophone, Vocals
Ryan Imboden - Trumpet
Ben Bolasny - Keyboards
Bobby Wooten III - Bass
Matt Margeson - Drums

Wayne Barrett - Guitar on all tracks except 1, 5 and 8
Bobby Wooten, Jr. - Synth on tracks 1, 4, 8 and 10

Jip Jop would like to thank all of our friends, family, and fans that have shown support along this journey. Special thanks to Bobby Wooten, Jr., Jake Belser, Wayne Barrett, and Matt Steele. Thank you to the Wooten and Gershman families for their hospitality and continued support as well as Evan and Lucas for…everything.

Tracks 1, 4, 7 and 10 recorded on February 20-22, 2009 at Chameleon Studios by Bobby Wooten, Jr.
Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6 and 8 recorded on October 9-10, 2009 at Chameleon Studios by Bobby Wooten, Jr. and July 29, 2010 at Farm Fresh Studios by Jake Belser.
Art and design by Matthew T. Steele.
All tracks produced and mixed by Bobby Wooten, Jr.



all rights reserved


Jip Jop Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Important
On a clear day/ you can see me blowing haze/ something like the smog in LA/ regal recipe/ never let my thoughts get ahead of me/ never let my pride get the best of me/ humble brother/ yea I feel like I am God blessed/ roll another spliff from what we harvest/ you are significant/ the world is listening/ get a pen/ get a pad/ get a voice to sing/ write a sentence with the voice of men/
If you’re ever in the district/ drop your boy’s name/ don’t drop the Lord’s name in vain/ you really should see what I’ve predicted/ a loss of material/ an excess in friction/ to mix up the spores/ to mingle intercourse/ of course that dude Nice got that Excellent Fitness/ you can feel me/ infrequently/ baby’s in the jeep with me/ sparkin a cohiba filled with cannabis and reasoning/ I am reminded/ time after time of what I am who I am/ so I just go rewind it/ you call me your highness
We all feel pangs of unfinished business/ woulda coulda shoulda type of shit but/ no human’s helpless/ as long as we have our health/ that is our greatest wealth/ after independence/ I think you got mad shit to offer/ BE A/ be a president a resident an author/ you seem to be ready to show all the world/ so steady your mind and in time you’ll deserve/ the swelling of pride/ a triumph of a life utilized
Track Name: Access
This is a message to whom it concern, I have learned to/
Practice what I preach if I can see, through/ My many obstacles, vent through ink like octopus/ I know you can access the truth.
Its like I’ve accessed the core of the main frame/ Its like I’ve captured the beast that remains tame/ You could not feed me like a feast or put me on a leash/ Because my logic never cease, I think sane/ I cant believe your hiding slyly/ While I’m climbing like some ivy/ Hear me when I say you should move/ You’re access is granted Its like peace ain’t a proverb, rivers filled with knowledge/ Instead of your Mercedes you could send your kids to college/ Material wealth, the value might swell/ But you’re anxiously waiting, “I and I” am raising/ The standard, held together with some lanyard/ Open the barrier to greater understanding/ you could be the light bulb, feel illumination/ I can see this music
I flow in reference like a blacksmith apprentice/ Every word that I weld is a weapon/ You couldn’t squeeze out a verb in any single sentence/ You couldn’t fathom my pages if they was made of papyrus/ You couldn’t see me if ya uh open your iris/ Or if you opened your eyelids, and gave me access to your personal files, I was a boy once/ I was employed from the moment that I wrote what I felt/ And it restored health